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Thank you for visiting the USPCA Region 14 Website.  If you have any questions or would like to contact any of the board members, you can select any board members light blue highlighted name and you will be directed to their e-mail. 

Mark_MillerPresident Mark Miller

Welcome to your United States Police Canine Association Region 14 Website.  This website is presented to you so that you can stay in a constant state of awareness of what is happening in your region.  On the website you will find event dates for main and make up trials.  You will find meeting minutes so that you are informed of what decisions are being made at each and every meeting.  Region 14 is a very successful region and we have our members to thank for that.  Having said that I would like to, as your elected president, issue some challenges to all of our members.

 The first challenge is to get with your agencies in an attempt to get dues in on time.  At the national level this has been a tough task to get accomplished.  Keep in mind that your membership expires every December 31.  Generally the nationals will carry you for a period of one month so you have a 30 day grace period.  When February starts you are technically dropped from USPCA Membership until you get the $40.00 dues in.  If something were to happen in February or after and you have not paid your dues, the USPCA would not provide you with legal assistance, your death benefits, or any other support that we are entitled to as members.  Your certification is technically not valid if you are not a member in good standing.  We usually try to conduct PDI Certifications in the August time frame and they are valid for one year.  If you do not pay your dues in December or January for the next year, your PDI Certification is no longer valid.  This is why it is very important to get your dues in on time.  I would like region 14 to be the first region to get their dues in to nationals by January 31, 2012.

I will tell you that the worst case scenario happened in our own region.  We had a member that passed away the weekend of Detector and Tracking Trials.  He was waiting to pay his dues when he paid for his trials.  Because his dues were not paid his family did not receive any benefits from USPCA.  This was a seriously tragic situation and a blow to all that knew him.  The benefits that USPCA offer could never compensate for the grief that the family had to endure during this time but he was a long time member and he was entitled to all of the benefits that the USPCA offers.  All his benefits were lost due to procrastination. 

The second challenge I want to raise to our members is to try to make the quarterly meeting.  I will tell you that the same members generally show up at the meeting on a continual basis.  Because of this most of the decisions are being made by those members.  This is your region and your input is vital to where we take this region and what we do in our region.  Attempts have been made to make the meeting more appealing to members by offering free training after the meetings are completed or trying to have the meeting in conjunction with our regional trials.  Based on our by-laws we have to have meeting in each and every quarter so information and decision requiring a vote can be distributed in a timely manner.  We have a voice at the national level, we need to have it heard.  That voice starts at the regional level.  I understand that meetings are hard to attend based on distance and budgets.  I too have to overcome the same obstacles to get to those meeting.  I have been looking into the idea of using new technologies to have some meetings over the internet but there are times when we need the members in the same location for those important decisions.  If we can work out internet meetings we will have a link on the website to bring you into the meeting.  More information to follow regarding that.

Lastly, for now, I am challenging the members to write up and submit your cases every quarter for the opportunity to receive awards for your hard work.  Our region submissions have been down over the last couple of years.  Some are based on agencies not allowing the information to be made public during that quarter so the window of opportunity passes prior to the submission.  This may be based on a small amount of miscommunication between the members and their agencies because although the case submission goes into a publicized magazine, names are no used to protect the accused.  The cases are submitted so that the actions of the K-9 Team can be judged and rewarded for excellence in our field.  An idea to counteract the department’s hesitation in allowing cases to be submitted is a simple Standard Operating Procedure (SOP).  Spell out what information will be included in all submissions and what information will be excluded.  Write the SOP up and submit it to your departments for approval.  All you can do is try.  

Otherwise we have gone to great extents to allow all of our members the opportunity to submit cases.  We have said we will allow members to submit their cases via e-mail and your executive board will review the cases and vote.  To date this has happened one time in the last three years.  That’s 12 quarters of opportunities to make submissions and we have received only one.  On our website, I am going to attempt to have a link for submitting cases to your Executive Board.  I cannot emphasis enough the importance to have representation in the Canine Currier.

Thank you for your continued support over the last three years.  I really find it an honor to represent this region as the president.  I will, as I always have, continue to fight for the USPCA’s goals and continued success of this region to carry out standardized training of our K-9 partners and their highest level of professionalism.

Kevin_LampeVice President Kevin Lampe

K-9 Axel is a 3 year old duel purpose Long Hair German Shepherd

21 years as a Deputy with the Finney County Sheriff's Office in Garden City Kansas.

15 years as a K-9 handler with the FISO, and handling my 3rd duel purpose K-9 USPCA Member since 2001 USPCA Region 14 Vice President USPCA Regional Certified Tracking Judge USPCA Regional Certified PD11 Judge





JoeBernalKoaSecretary Joseph Bernal

Hello everyone and welcome to the USPCA Region 14 website.  This is my first term as your Region 14 Secretary and it has been very interesting so far.  This website is a great way to get information to all the current members and information to K-9 teams looking to join the USPCA.  I am open to any suggestions from any of you to make this website better for everyone in the region.

I became involved with the USPCA in 2011 when I was appointed to my departments K-9 Unit.  Since becoming a member, I have enjoyed every minute of the comradery, experiences and knowledge I have gained from our members.  Region 14 has a vast array of knowledge and experience that everyone can learn from.  I believe Region 14 has some of the best K-9 Teams in the world.

My main goal is to provide the most current and accurate information to the members of Region 14.  As the Secretary, I will work hard to have the most current information available to our members.  I would also like to know what else is wanted or needed on the webpage.  

We are a large region, and I usually don’t hear about the successful deployments our Region 14 teams are making until certification day. Lets be proactive and submit our excellent work we do for case of the quarter so that you can be recognized for the contributions you all make every day. 

If anyone should have any ideas or questions to make the transfer of information to the members of Region 14 please send me an e-mail or give me a call. I can’t make things better if I don’t get new ideas.   

Thanks for all the hard work the members of Region 14 do every day.

Deputy Joe Bernal & K-9 Koa

Pueblo County Sheriffs Office K-9 Unit

Joe ClinganTreasurer Joe Clingan

Welcome to our new Web Page. My name is Joe Clingan. I have been with the USPCA since 1980. I realize that the USPCA has its drawbacks. There are things that I simply don’t agree with. However, in my search for the perfect K-9 association, I found that none existed. In looking around I found that no other association could match the USPCA. The court recognition is the most powerful. When you go to court and the attorneys and judges see USPCA and you are already ahead of the game. Attorneys and judges alike know that to obtain certifications as a K-9 team, a K-9 judge or a K-9 trainer you have had to earn it, not purchase it like so many other associations. I know that it is hard to come up with extra money for anything these days, but for your $40.00 per year the benefits and information and certifications that are made available to you is unmatched by any group. Like I said, since 1980, I have seen this region grow and I have seen the membership shrink. We are now in a growth period. I hope you will get on board. You will not regret it. If you have any questions, feel free to give me a call or an email.   

Joe Clingan