John King (Jack) Lennig December 24, 1998


Jack became a police officer in the metro area in the early 70’s.  He went to Lakewood PD and became an agent in 1977.  Jack’s heart was always in K-9 and he started the K-9 unit at Lakewood.  He along with Jesse Lewis from Denver P.D., started Region 14 of the U.S.P.C.A.  

Jack received his training at the Metropolitan D.C. Police Department under Charlie Kirshner.  Charlie Kirshner was trained by T. Patrick Cahill.  Mr. Cahill is really the guy who started in all in the United States.  

Jack trained many handlers and trainers in his time.  I include myself as one of them and I have trained many trainers here.  So one might say that in this lineage we are all “Cahill” trained. 

Jack passed away way too soon.  The Jack Lennig Memorial Award is earned by any USPCA K-9 team in Region 14 that certifies at PD1, Detection and Tracking trials within the same year.  Most of you know how much work that takes.  It is fitting memorial to a man that I think about every day and we owe a great deal to.


Joe Clingan and the Members of Region 14


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