Welcome to the United States Police Canine Association Region 14 Website     The United States Police Canine Association is the Oldest and Largest Police K-9 Organization and was established in 1971.    USPCA Region 14 includes the states of Kansas, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, Montana, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, and Hawaii.   Annual Certifications in the disciplines of Patrol Work, Detection, and Tracking are hosted to measure that K-9 Teams across the United States are following carfully calculated standards.  This assures accountability with agencies to make a commitment to provide the best possible Canine Teams working the streets of each cummunity.  Best of all, what is being observed in Florida is also being observed in the western portion of the United States.    The USPCA, regardless if it is Region 14 or any other Region across the United States, is a truly transparent certification.  The Public is always invited and encouraged to watch the certification process.  It is not an easy certification to obtain and agencies have to ensure that their K-9 Teams are trained to a high level of competancy in all disciplines observed.        

Region 14 is but one region in a large association.  To see what is going on around the country, in other Regions, or to learn more about the Association please visit the United States Police Canine Associations National Web Site with the link below.

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President Mark Miller


Welcome to your United States Police Canine Association Region 14 Website.  This website is presented to you so that you can stay in a constant state of awareness of what is happening in your region.  On the website you will find event dates for main and make up trials.  You will find meeting minutes so that you are informed of what decisions are being made at each and every meeting.  Region 14 is a very successful region and we have our members to thank for that.   Over the last few years we have seen a continued issue with getting dues in on time.  A ton of time and energy goes into getting memberships handled every year both at the National Level and the Region level.  This has cause a doubling of workload for your Regional Executive Board chasing down what has happened to cause errors.  Nationals has determined that they will now prefer the method of payment be done with Pay Pal.  Our Region will be putting a link on the membership page for 2019 that will have an option to pay your dues through Pay Pal.  This way we are not waiting for the postal service to deliver Applications and Checks to our Treasurer that then gets forwarded to Nationals and then bounced back to our Treasurer.  We also have some individuals sending their payments and Applications directly to Nationals and then some are sending them to the Region Secretary or to Me.  So we need to streamline this process.  A single location and all Applications being completed here on this web page.    I have watched our Patrol Dog Certification numbers decline over the last few years.  I have done a lot of research and although some handlers have opted for easier certifications a larger portion is based on Agencies changing from Dual Purpose to Single Purpose Dog Teams.  This decision is based more so on Manpower within their agencies then any liability concerns.  More and more agencies are using their K-9 Teams as district cars and agencies have a hard time justifying a team that just takes K-9 calls.  I definitely can sympathize with the command staff of those agencies.  I believe we will see this trend turn around as staffing numbers recover.  I believe we will see the larger Dual Purpose Dog Team numbers that we have seen in the past.  Thank you to those agencies that have stuck with us and will continue to commit to a high level of professionalism and high standards of certification.

Vice President Kevin Lampe


K-9 Axel is a 3 year old duel purpose Long Hair German Shepherd.   Kevin has been a Deputy for 21 years with the Finney County Sheriff's Office in Garden City Kansas.   He spent 15 years as a K-9 handler with the FCSO, and handling his 3rd duel purpose K-9.  He has been a USPCA Member  since 2001.  Currently his resume includes USPCA Region 14 Vice President, USPCA Regional Certified Tracking Judge, and USPCA Regional Certified Narcotics Judge.


Secretary Joseph Bernal


Hello everyone and welcome to the USPCA Region 14 website.  This is my first term as your Region 14 Secretary and it has been very interesting so far.  This website is a great way to get information to all the current members and information to K-9 teams looking to join the USPCA.  I am open to any suggestions from any of you to make this website better for everyone in the region.   I became involved with the USPCA in 2011 when I was appointed to my departments K-9 Unit.  Since becoming a member, I have enjoyed every minute of the comradery, experiences and knowledge I have gained from our members.  Region 14 has a vast array of knowledge and experience that everyone can learn from.  I believe Region 14 has some of the best K-9 Teams in the world.   My main goal is to provide the most current and accurate information to the members of Region 14.  As the Secretary, I will work hard to have the most current information available to our members.  I would also like to know what else is wanted or needed on the webpage.     We are a large region, and I usually don’t hear about the successful deployments our Region 14 teams are making until certification day. Lets be proactive and submit our excellent work we do for case of the quarter so that you can be recognized for the contributions you all make every day.    If anyone should have any ideas or questions to make the transfer of information to the members of Region 14 please send me an e-mail or give me a call. I can’t make things better if I don’t get new ideas.      Thanks for all the hard work the members of Region 14 do every day.

Treasurer Joe Clingan


Welcome to our new Web Page. My name is Joe Clingan. I have been with the USPCA since 1980. I realize that the USPCA has its drawbacks. There are things that I simply don’t agree with. However, in my search for the perfect K-9 association, I found that none existed. In looking around I found that no other association could match the USPCA. The court recognition is the most powerful. When you go to court and the attorneys and judges see USPCA and you are already ahead of the game. Attorneys and judges alike know that to obtain certifications as a K-9 team, a K-9 judge or a K-9 trainer you have had to earn it, not purchase it like so many other associations. I know that it is hard to come up with extra money for anything these days, but for your $40.00 per year the benefits and information and certifications that are made available to you is unmatched by any group. Like I said, since 1980, I have seen this region grow and I have seen the membership shrink. We are now in a growth period. I hope you will get on board. You will not regret it. If you have any questions, feel free to give me a call or an email.

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