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Canine Courier

Just a gentle reminder that cut off dates and submission requirements are different for the Courier than the Awards. They do not function as one unit. So basically, the cut off dates are different and what you send is different if you want.  Print out this email if you want for easy reminders.


Award cases have the following cut off dates:    

  • April 30 for First Quarter
  •   July 31st for 2nd Quarter
  •  Oct 31st for 3rd Quarter
  •    Jan 31st for 4th quarter. 

Cases that are submitted to Larry Love have to have occurred in the above quarter dates and must be sent in to Larry by the above dates. 

Courier cut of dates are as follows:

  •    March 31st for the first issue of the year
  •     June 30th for the 2nd issue of the year 
  •   Aug 31st for the 3rd issue of the year
  •    Nov 30th for the 4th issue of the year.

Each region probably handles Courier submissions their own way – but basically you can send any cases you (your region) want to the Courier and they do NOT have to have occurred in the “last quarter”.  

Cut off dates for the Courier are so that the Editor has a guideline of when he needs stuff ready for print. It’s a ton of work as you can probably imagine. Date of offense does not matter for these submissions.

Submitted cases should be in Word Docs, 11 pt. Arial Narrow. Name, title, K-9 name, agency name, and indicate patrol or detector.